Guiding Principles

To us, core values are more than pleasantries written on a sign in our lobby. We believe in them, work by them, live by them.


Employing investigation, strategic thinking, and a grasp of the “big picture”, we strive to make wise decisions in all aspects of our interactions and choices. We look beyond the simple, obvious, seeking unseen roadblocks and opportunities to discover best possible options.


We do not see a box.  We think big and dream big. We look for new and exciting ways to move beyond the normal and expected.  We see the value of “tried and true” then stepping beyond those limitations. We seek to find creative solutions to every situation.

Courage of Our Convictions

Despite the risk of opposition or differing opinions, we speak up when we believe there is a better way, a larger truth, or a necessary correction.


We own our actions, good or bad.  We accept responsibility, own our mistakes. We never take credit for someone else’s work. We respect our team members and clients.  We do not gossip or run others down behind their backs.  We are rational and logical in our disagreements, never resorting to personal attacks.

We do not lie to our clients, team members or ourselves.

We give credit where credit is due, never claiming someone else’s ideas, word or actions as our own.

We never steal – not trust, not money, not things, not time.


We respect ourselves, our team members, our clients and others we encounter in the course of our day.  We are courteous and polite at all times.  We respect ourselves and our clients by providing prompt, professional communication and interaction. We know when to step away from a situation to preserve that respect and to prevent situations from escalating.