Outsource/À la Carte Services

Outsource/À la Carte Services

Your volunteers and staff know what they are doing, but there are times they get a bit stretched thin.  There just isn’t enough time or hands to make improvements.  Perhaps some things are beginning to slip through the cracks.  Charity Rising can fill those cracks and provide willing hands, able to support your staff and share the load.

Leadership provided by a strong, well-developed board of directors is vital to the growth and success of any organization.  Charity Rising aids our clients in development of leadership within their boards and committees through

  • Leadership Summits designed to facilitate the sharing of information between association leaders of a variety of groups;
  • Executive Committee/Board retreats wherein the leaders of the group have the opportunity to get to know each other and better interact through casual and social exchange for a more productive liaison moving forward;
  • Board Member Boot Camps to bring new members up to speed on board member responsibilities and duties as well as the functioning of the board as a whole.

The Chief Staff Executive is the linchpin in the relationship between the board of directors and the members.  This professional works closely with the board of directors to craft the plan for putting the mission in motion.  During a transition, gapping this position can be fatal.

The Interim Chief Staff Executive for your organization will coordinate all Charity Rising team efforts for your organization to best:

  • Coordinate all volunteer and paid staff functions to achieve the goals of the organization;
  • Monitor the performance of the organization, reporting to the board and assisting in calculating change as needed;
  • Serve as the archive of history and knowledge for the organization, tracking decisions and implementation to best guide the board in future decisions;
  • Serve as the ‘go-to’ person for the board and members
  • Become the voice of the organization to the media, interested parties and general community at the direction of and in conjunction with the board;
  • Work closely with the CFO, Treasurer, and Board to safeguard the fiscal resources and build a strong financial foundation

Conventions and trade shows are a major undertaking for any organization.  With professional management and support through IMS, organizations are able to better provide educational seminars that speak to their members, reach their potential members, build alliances with vendors and provide a professional face to the public.  How can IMS help with these goals?

  • Facility selection;
  • Contract negotiation;
  • Site planning and preparation;
  • Exhibitor marketing and sales;
  • Attendee marketing;
  • VIP hosting;
  • Onsite customer service;
  • Event management;
  • Event financial review and reporting

From start to finish, the success of an event rests on the plan.  Charity Rising will help you plan and execute your events and make you look like a star!  When managing your events, Charity Rising will provide:

  • Event assessment
  • Site searches
  • Logistics planning
  • Leadership support
  • Budgeting
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Hotel room block management
  • Speaker and program management
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Program development
  • VIP support
  • Registration
  • Exhibit, sponsorship and advertising sales
  • Sponsorship fulfillment
  • Onsite services
  • Financial management and accounting
  • Reporting: ongoing and wrap-up
  • Travel program development and management
  • Promotional item procurement and disbursement

Integrity, knowledge, and dependability of financial resources are the cornerstone of any organization. No matter the size, age or stage of an organization, without fiscal solidity, continuation becomes tenuous at best. Charity Rising will help your organization to:

  • Prepare and execute annual budget
  • Understand and apply financial reports
  • Maintain compliance with local, state and federal agencies
  • Grow revenues and minimize expenses
  • Find funding for developing programs
  • Manage cash flow and build reserves

More and more every day associations are burdened with increasing governmental requirements and regulations.  Many organizations are involved to some degree in governmental affairs – from keeping their members informed about industry changes to active lobbying and campaigning.  Whether your organization just wants to keep informed, is governmentally active or wants to become that way, Charity Rising can help you meet those goals.  At the direction of the board, we:

  • Monitor of all levels of government with analysis and reporting;
  • Assist in growing your presence before government officials;
  • Build grassroots advocacy programs to motivate and coordinate your members;
  • Manage PACs
  • Advocate

One of the best ways to advance your organization is to be available to members and potential members at least during regular business hours.  For a small organization or one run by volunteers, that is often not possible or fiscally reasonable.  With Charity Rising a headquarters infrastructure is built in with very low overhead.  Headquartering with Charity Rising provides you with:

  • Office space for Chief Staff Executive
  • Conference room space as available for Committee and Board meeting
  • Virtual meeting services
  • Full-time receptionist to answer the phones of your association with the association’s identifier
  • Staff employees
  • Standard office equipment (copy, fax, laser printers, computers, phones, etc.)
  • Production services (labeling, folding, stuffing)
  • On-site material storage
  • Maintenance and storage of all legal and financial records, correspondence, files, etc.
  • Link between the organization and members
  • Handling of daily administrative functions and correspondence

When you make the decision to work with Charity Rising to take your association to the next level and beyond, we will immediately put a specialized team in place to facilitate the transition.  Your transition director will work with your organization leaders to ensure all the steps are completed with the greatest ease and efficiency and the least amount of disruption for your association and leadership.  The Charity Rising transition team will:

  • Provide a transition plan and timeline;
  • Coordinate with leadership and current management to obtain all operational and historical documentation;
  • Assume custody of materials and documents of the association with full inventory and accountability;
  • Safeguard your organization from lost intellectual property throughout transition