7 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Workplace Performance & Safety

7 Ways Businesses Can Improve Their Workplace Performance & Safety

Ryan Ayers – June 22, 2016

Once again, nonprofits are at core, businesses.  With nonprofits, however, the fluctuation of income with the ebb and flow of contributions and membership demands efficiency and efficacy in the workplace.  Certainly, the work loss as a result of injury on the job (or off) can be costly in both time and money.  Ryan Ayers, a freelance business writer, explains seven ways you are able to improve performance and safety.

Americans are working more than ever. While that shows that our workforce is dedicated and willing to put in a lot of effort for employers, this spike in workload comes at a cost: reduced productivity, health, wellness, and safety, all of which contribute to more illness, stress, injury, and decreased workplace performance. This translates into monetary losses for businesses—which one university study estimates at 150 billion dollars a year.

So how can businesses prevent productivity loss and keep their best employees safe and happy? Here are 7 ways businesses can help prevent productivity loss and improve safety. These can be implemented in many different types of industries and help solve a variety of workplace problems.

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