No More Time Off?

No More Time Off?

I was in a meeting last week where someone stated his employees no longer receive vacation time. I didn’t have the opportunity to ask him more about this new policy, but I stumbled across this article about eliminating vacation time.  Eliminating vacation?  Seriously?  I could not imagine!  So I read.

Nichole Kelly of SME, in her blog Why we abolished our vacation policy, stated their company wanted to completely change the idea of vacation time with, “a policy that made taking time off from work a requirement, not a privilege.” Me? I think that would make “vacation” a bit negative.  The idea of “mandatory” time off seems close to the disciplinary practice of “administrative leave”. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take it, but why make it mandatory?  Personally, I’ve never thought of vacation as a privilege, but as part of my compensation.  I can spend it how I wish, just like my pay.

One woman I know would plan vacations with her family 6 – 9 months in advance.  The family would choose a destination and then spend the next several months planning all the fun things they would do.  The excitement built during that time – and “mom and dad” had the opportunity to understand what the family as a whole wanted to do and to ensure they had appropriate disposable income set aside for the adventure.

My son and I don’t plan much for our vacations.  Typically we find a destination and set out on a road trip, stopping at whatever catches our attention and wandering until we finally reach our turn around point.  That is the excitement for us – finding cool adventures previously unknown.

I’m curious how other people feel about mandatory time off.