How The 20th Century’s Most Innovative Company Built a Creative Powerhouse

How the 20th Century's Most Innovative Company Built A Creative Powerhouse

Innovation and creativity are the way of the future.

That sounds so cliché doesn’t it? But it is what successful businesses and organizations are always striving for – that next great thing.  Apple did it.  They brought us the Mac, the iphone – and it wasn’t about offering a different brand (like HP or Dell) or operating system (like DOS or Linux).  What Apple brought us was EASE. And it was the next best thing. IBM is on record claiming that computers would never be for the masses.  Guess they got that one wrong!  Apple was different.  They believed that taking a computer from something mystical and complicated and beyond the capabilities of most and making it “user friendly” and easy was the way into the future.  And they were right. It took a long time before Apple became the powerhouse they have become. Jobs did not work for the right now, he looked down the road and saw the future.  That is what he built Apple on.  But Apple did not come up with that idea all on their own.

Based on all of this, you probably were thinking, “another article singing the praises of Steve Jobs”. Not exactly.  This article is about another company – Bell Labs – figured out what associations and their leadership need to figure out now.

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