How Nonprofit Workers can Overcome Emotional Exhaustion

How Nonprofit Workers can Overcome Emotional Exhaustion

I am SOOOOOOOO TIRED!!!!  And burned out.

Unfortunately, these are common thoughts and feelings among those working in the non-profit world.  Forbes did some research into burnout and how to move past it to keep doing what you really do want to do.  Check it out…

Nonprofit work, while extremely rewarding when successful, is also highly demanding and emotionally draining. Faced with never-ending to-do lists, long hours, lack of funding and other challenges that seem impossible to overcome, even the most devoted nonprofit professionals can eventually succumb to burnout or compassion fatigue.

So how can you overcome emotional exhaustion and keep your sanity as a nonprofit worker? Below, seven members of Forbes Nonprofit Council offer a few useful tips on how to regain motivation and sustain your passion and commitment to your work in the long run, despite the many challenges you will face…

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